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Aboriginal Partnership

​Aboriginal partnerships have existed for many years and are vital in providing employment opportunities and economic benefits to aboriginal & non-aboriginal peoples and their communities. 

As an aboriginal joint partnership, we understand the mutual importance and significance of growing our business and of partnerships that assist business individuals in achieveing their goals while proactively strenghtening the local economy.  ​​

Aboriginal partnerships also afford opportunities to provide much needed socio-economic benefits & revenues that further strenghthen & solidify the local economies of the communities that we live in and serve. 

Meaningful participation, socio-economic benefits, a solid business strategy and the desire to succeed; as an aboriginal partnership these are the cornerstones of INNU Valley Rentals & Sales Ltd.            


Director Profile - Marcel Ashini

INNU Valley Rentals & Sales Ltd. Director Marcel Ashini brings an array of experience and knowledge about his native Labrador ​to the table.  His extensive business connections and easy going nature have proven invaluable in building INNU Valley Rentals & Sales into the success it has become. 

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